Spark!Lab Inventor’s Studio


Get started inventing! This kit guides you through the steps needed to spark your original ideas! For ages 8-12 yrs, from Faber-Castell.

Great ideas come to inventors in a lightning bolt of inspiration. Not! Real inventors are careful, critical and consistent thinkers and this kit sets kids on that journey. In this Spark!Lab™ Smithsonian Inventive Creativity™ Kit, they’ll use over 120 fun materials and a 3D idea starter to imagine and create a one-of-a-kind tree house and really there is NO limit to inventing! For ages 8-12 yrs, from Faber-Castell.
Learn the process of inventing
Develops confidence, critical thinking skills and creativity in a fun, open-ended way.
Think it up, Explore it, Sketch it, Create it, Try it, Tweak it, then Sell it!

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