Shocking Science


Explore the wonders of electricity and magnetism with the ten activities provided in this kit! For ages 8-12 yrs, from Be Amazing Toys.

Keep kids “current” as they explore the wonders of electricity and magnetism, with 10 totally cool activities. She’ll light a neon bulb with her body. He’ll make static beads dance. They’ll build a human circuit. Plus, see through a metal tube with the special “X-ray” paper! This is STEM learning at its most entertaining. For ages 8-12 yrs, from Be Amazing Toys
Kit contains:
Energy Stick™
Special “X-ray” paper that lets you see through a metal tube.
Neodymium magnet
8″ Aluminum tube
2 Energy Stick™ probes
2 Balloons
Static Tube™
Static powered neon light
Steel nail
10″ insulated copper wire

10 activities include:
The Human Circuit; Friend Connection; Conductor Connector; Insulator vs Conductor; Hair-Raising Science; Static Powered Neon Light; Static Tube™; Anything but Static Tube™; Newton’s Nightmare; Electromagnet.

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