Peacock Bow & Arrow


Develop the skill of archery with this safety-tested, kid-friendly bow and arrow! For ages 6-12 yrs, from Two Bros Bows.

Brothers Duncan and Hayden created these safety-tested, kid-friendly bows – winning a prestigious TAGIE award for Top Young Inventors! Soft foam arrow tips covered in fabric provide an introduction to the challenge and enjoyment of archery. Made in America. They’re a perfect way for kids to develop physical skills and enjoy creative outdoor play. Available in assorted styles. For ages 6-12 yrs, from Two Bros Bows.
Practice archery skills with arrows made with a wooden shaft tipped with safe foam, covered in fabric to match the bow
Bow is pre-strung with rubber-capped ends
Encourages hand-eye coordination, dexterity, outdoor active play
Invented by two brothers aged 7 and 10
Made in USA with recyclable packaging

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