Hydraulic Arm Edge


Sturdy, hydro-mechanical robot arm lifts and moves objects, no electricity of batteries required! For ages 10 yrs-teen, from Elenco Electronics.

There are 200+ parts to the assembly of this sturdy hydro-mechanical robotic arm that vacuums and lifts objects, with a 16″ vertical reach. No electricity or batteries required, because the movement around 6 different rotating axis points is water powered! The ultimate STEM skills builder. For ages 10 yrs-teen, from Elenco Electronics.
Robotic arm uses hydro-mechanical technology to lift and move objects
Capable of varied movement:
Gripper opens to 1.89 inches
Wrist rotation of 180°, wrist mobility 98°, elbow range 44°, base rotation 270°, shoulder motion 45°
Vertical reach is 16.35 inches
Horizontal reach of 12.42 inches
Lift capacity of 50 grams
Suction apparatus enables operator to elevate objects with a larger surface area
Integrated braking system in the lever controllers
Instruction book with detailed graphic illustrations

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